Thursday, May 20, 2004

Bullhorns For Everyone

One of the fundamentals of the internet is that it makes everyone VERY LOUD. You have to look into a site to tell the real from the bogus, the powerful from the sidelines, and the knowledgable from the blowhards. Not that you don't get clues right away. It's pretty easy to tell that The Episcopal Church website is for a real church. (It's also a lousy website, but I'll get back to that. It's also pretty easy to figure out that the ROAC-America site is for a splinter sect-- the .com suffix is a dead giveaway if nothing else.

But getting someone to throw together a decent website isn't too hard, and when you hit a forum or newsgroup the likelyhood that a lot of the most active participants are young men with too much time on their hands is not immediately evident.

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