Sunday, May 30, 2004

A Bad Example

The ROAC America website is a nice, small example of a bad denominational website. It doesn't work in Lynx; and it has a ton of stuff on it that doesn't do a thing for anyone who actually is looking for information, but which together take quite a while to download over a phone line.

When one starts looking at the options, one can see right away that this is a vagante sect, in schism from a more respectable body. We're in crypto-Orthodoxy here, so, naturally there is a list of succession given; there's also a long, crankish rant against their immediate progenitors and nearly every other substantial Orthodox body. After that, a look at their parish listing shows that their real presence is negligible.

The old version of the website was at least obvious in its pretentions. Now you have to go a level deeper.


尼古拉 said...

Lynx? Do people still use that? Most Unix people used Konqueror or Mozilla I thouhgt? You are the only person, even among the ROAC haters that found it to be bad.

I have dial-up these days and as Serge said (who was using dial-up) it did not seem bad to him either!

C. Wingate said...

Lynx continues to be important to people with visual handicaps and other users who must have a text output.

尼古拉 said...

Would you do me the favor of posting a screenshot on Lynx please?

C. Wingate said...

Try running it through this Lynx simulation page and see for yourself.

尼古拉 said...

Thanks. I may propose text links on the front page then.