Friday, December 03, 2004

A Clerihew

Inspired by discussion of Spong's denuciad of John Stott, I have been moved to the challenge of writing a clerihew:

John Shelby Spong
Said that his church had it wrong
Whereas John Stott
Said that it had not.


Anonymous said...

Clerihews are exacting: they have a precise form, an ironic undertone, must be very understated and allusive, saving their weight for the last line: and they must leave a hint of depth on the palate.

I'd like to say that your clerihew on Spong and Stott is as perfect an example of the art as one might ask or imagine.

A Malton

C. Wingate said...

It is observed in a collection we have of Bentley's clerihews that almost all clerihews that are any good are of Bentley's own composition. I'm not utterly pleased with the second line of mine because contemplation of its lack of specificity leads me to a certain realization: it is largely made to work because of the Chestertonian image in my head of Spong and Stott as late Victorian divines. Nonetheless I thank you deeply for the complement.